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What People Say

'Improved self-awareness'

'Learnt to deliver solutions rather than problems'

'Deep understanding of the subject matter'

YOUR challenges

Individual challenges

YOUR benefits

Individual benefits

Analysts and experts aren't always the most experienced presenters yet are more and more often required to be at pitches and presentations

Deliver more polished, influential presentations using clear tools, tips and strategies

Presentations to large groups can be daunting

Understanding simple and easy techniques increase confidence in speaking on the phone, at meetings and at presentations

You may know what you're trying to say but senior management may not be listening

How to tailor your message to senior management so your ideas are heard and acted upon

With smaller departmental head counts comes increase pressure on performance

Create strategies to improve time management and time for strategic thinking

With fewer promotions and greater competition some of your staff might be finding it difficult to navigate their way to increase their chances of promotion.

Clarity about how to get motivated in challenging times

Saying yes to everything can mean increased stress, reduced output and individual frustration

Learn to be clear about your workload, aim and achieve a win-win solution

Sometimes you can get emotional in situations which can impact on relationships

Learn to manage your state and achieve the outcome you want

Business challenges

Business benefits

Business pitches can be inconsistent

Increased sales and improved P&L with Impactful meetings and presentations

Presentations can lack impact

Deliver your messages with punch and persuasion

Client relationships can be challenging

Increased flexibility and first impressions create better outcomes for business

Internal or external communication can be demanding

Better communication creates improved P&L & repeat business

Lack of self awareness can create conflict

Improved self awareness creates better management & leadership

With lack of time can come lack of strategic vision

Working to create a strong vision and mission statement creates strong direction and team cohesion

Negativity in difficult climates

Responsibility to take personal action and change personal attitude to the challenges of today

Conflict amongst key individuals in a team

Understand difference to appreciate the importance of varied thinking

Delivering for TV, Radio, or internal video conferencing can be nerve wracking

Clear techniques and understanding of the media creates clear business messages

Sometimes staff deliver long, time wasting messages

Deliver clear, succinct solutions to senior people

Staff lack confidence after a knock back

Learning from failures is part of success. Moving on from past failures is essential for future success

Staff don't promote their team and others in various meetings and interactions

Learn how to be political in the workplace in a way that feels, looks and sounds right.

Performance management results need to be acted on and often internal politics can get in the way

With external coaching the staff can put aside internal politics and identify issues