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What People Say

'Kate helped me to remain positive, show clear leadership, nurture and support staff.'

'Good balance - simple objectives that were well put over' 

'Kate helped me create 'A more structured way of organising my role and further confidence in myself.'

'An excellent course - enlightening and thought provoking'


These resources include my social media, podcasts, videos and documents you might find useful. They are either mine or from people I've worked with or admire. I hope you find them useful.


Caroline Goyder is an amazing coach and speaker. She did a really insightful talk last year at TEDxBrixton.

She also does podcasts based on her Gravitas Method.

Pam Lidford is my coach and supervisor. She is a font of knowledge and been instrumental in getting my mindset right for success. She does a brilliant course. In fact anything she does, in my view is brilliant. Here's a link to her course on "Confidence"

Client Documents

Here is a link to Apropos's workbooks. Paul Dubois is an amazing trainer and beautiful friend. We set up a theatre company together. He taught me to be a trainer all those years ago.He has on his website these marvellous workbooks that you can download free. Have a browse and see what's useful:


Caroline Goyders TED Talk on Gravitas

Ricardo Semler's TED talk on How to Run a Company with no rules

Henry Stewart's video on his book launch Happy Manifesto

CEO Secrets Short films from top leaders:

Reid Hoffman, Linked In Founder. Leave the beaten path

Harriet Green: Surround yourself with brilliant people

Clive Schlee: Be passionate, be direct

Hiroaki Nakanishi Hitachi boss: Travel and dream

Tinie Tempah Rapper on shyness