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What People Say

'Kate helped me to remain positive, show clear leadership, nurture and support staff.'

'Good balance - simple objectives that were well put over' 

'Kate helped me create 'A more structured way of organising my role and further confidence in myself.'

'An excellent course - enlightening and thought provoking'

Kate's Biog

After a degree in Ecology at Edinburgh University, Kate started out in the broadcast media working for The Today Programme on Radio 4. There she met, watched and dissected the interviews of the top political speakers. She then researched John Humphrys' first book "Devil's Advocate". Kate likes to challenge herself and constantly learn so she decided to give up the world of politics to study drama at Webber Douglas Academy's classical acting academy.

Her first few roles were at the National Theatre with whom she did workshops around the country - inspiring people to love Shakespeare and find the confidence to speak it. She also was part of Sir Peter Hall's Oedipus production, which was the first production to open outside of the National Theatre in Epidaurus in Greece. She worked with Sir Richard Eyre in the Olivier Theatre with Ken Stott at the helm and also great voice coaches and trainers including Patsy Rodenburg.

This is where her curiosity about training began. She set up her own theatre company and developed an actors group that shared expertise and then went out to business to do role-play. She was at the helm of a cross creative forum discussing how the arts could communicate more effectively.

After producing a number of successful productions she moved into short film producing, feature film producing then set up the Sales and Distribution arm of IWC Media. Here she learnt how important communication was to the bottom line. She implemented assertiveness, influencing, presenting and pitching into her day-to-day role. Tried out what the books said and learned what it meant in reality.

Kate constantly learns new communication models and develops her tools to bring her clients the best, quickest and most effective ways to get results. She is an accredited coach in Myers Briggs (MBti), NLP, Emotional Intelligence, TFT, Executive Coaching and Personal Coaching. She is constantly learning and developing her own craft, challenging her self in her own life and therefore understanding her clients angle to help them reach their potential.

Kate's eclectic background has brought together her love of politics, her fascination for how communication works and her fun loving flair. She hopes you enjoy her seminars and are challenged in her 121s. Most importantly she hopes to identify what is honestly happening with you then give you an array of techniques that you can choose from to get you to the next level.

Kate is universally acknowledged as a fantastic coach. "Empathic", "creative", "challenging", "thoughtful", "interesting".