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What People Say

'Kate helped me to remain positive, show clear leadership, nurture and support staff.'

'Good balance - simple objectives that were well put over'

'Kate helped me create 'A more structured way of organising my role and further confidence in myself.'

'An excellent course - enlightening and thought provoking'


To do anything you need support. With an increasingly complex world we can't expect to do things on our own. My business wouldn't exist without the support of some of the key people in this list. The CCC Club - a new out of school club wouldn't have happened without the collaboration of 6 people. My community wouldn't have bonded without the support of so many people in the community but particularly Jacqui Shimidzu who runs our community cafe that brings us all together.

Some have believed in me from the sidelines, others been my coach and mentor, others challenge me and keep me in line, and others intellectually and physically challenge me.

Paul Dubois
Paul helped me become a trainer and we set up a theatre company nearly 20 years ago. He has been a mentor, friend and inspiration.

Genevieve Grant
We were initially colleagues but fast became friends. She is a fabulous coach, masseur and guide. She challenges me and supports in equal measures.

Hilary Drake
We did a play together many years ago and Hilary has taught me so much about embodying a message and the importance of the basics like breathing and connection. She also has been involved in lots of collaborative theatre and got me into this mind-set early.

Maxing Gooding and Kate Wood
We haven't yet done a project together although I can't wait until we do as these are a formidable force. We met when I worked in the corporate world as a trainer and I hope the relationship will continue to blossom.

Sharon Lawton
We met at the Coaching Academy doing an NLP course. Sharon has a marvellous way to connect and help. She was a huge support during the NLP training and we also did some other courses together. I hope to work more closely with her in the future.

Anne Barrett
Anne is marvellous. She's my Virtual PA that works in my office. She helps me work out technical challenges in my business and solves small business problems that help grow my business stress-free. I've come to rely on her immensely. She's great at getting things done, moving things forward and coming up with solutions. She embodies the words great attitude!

Ruth Mildwater Ruth has been my bookkeeper. I took her on to do a project and she's been doing other work for me since. Another proactive doer.

Gina Edmondson Gina shares our office and brings laughter, love and dogs into our world. Just what we need.

Cher Walker Moore
Cher was the manager of the nursery I sent my daughter to. She created a family environment and she was a lifeline I needed in my life when I had no family around me. She has since become a part time manager for the CCC Club [] and turned it into an exceptional place for children. I hope we will find other ways to collaborate because she is an inspiration person and entrepreneur. She is also a great manager and trainer. Does she have any faults. I haven't found any and I've known her now for nearly 8 years.

The CCC Directors Team
Suzanne Tate, Jake Berger, Juliana Martin, Cher Walker Moore, Dawn McGovern and myself started the CCC Club. It was inspired by a conversation I had with Jacqui Shimidzu. It wouldn't have happened if all of us hadn't put in hours of work at no cost, hours of meeting each other to solve problems and years of challenges to create a marvellous, inspirational place for kids aged 5-11. We've helped bring local employment and helped about 70 families to date and it keeps rising.

Martin Lewis
Martin was one of my first advocates and supporters, for which I'll always be grateful. He helped me identify my brand, asked me great questions that sparked clarity and direction. Martin has a sophistication and astonishing visual eye. So not only is he great at creating elegant content but also a talented photographer.

It's been amazing working with him and learning from him.

Pam Lidford
Pam is my coach and supervisor. She supports me, challenges me and makes sure I act and coach with good intent. She has so many skills and expertise. She has taught me so much and helped me become a better business woman. She has given me the confidence to create my business the way I want to.

Caroline Goyder
I worked with Caroline last year on her TEDx Talk and this year she is doing it for me. She is an inspiration and so insightful.

Rob Grundel
Rob is a one off. A rapper who teaches business people how to tell their story. He is supportive and incisive. He helps you feel your way to your story. I love working with him and he has been my story mentor throughout the preparation of my TED talk. I hope we find other ways to work together and collaborate through business in the future.

Kirill Burlov
Kirill initially was going to do my TEDx talk with me. We explored lots of ideas about the message and energy of collaboration. What is collaboration? What do we need to make it work effectively? What does dance and the performing arts teach us about communication? He has been an essential part of exploring my TEDx talk. He thinks deeply and performs intelligently. If anyone wanted to learn to embody their message then Kirill can help you achieve that.

Kirill helped me understand how dance helps you embody your message and connect to who you are. He truly is an inspiration with great practical focus. All should say TEDx

Michele Moran
I have known Michele for many years and she is an inspiring actress who is hysterically funny. She absolutely knows how to embody her message. She is my litmus test of bullshit and keeps my feet on the ground and laughter in the sky.

Brian Condon from C4CC now an independent advisor
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Brian embodies Collaboration more than anyone I know. He has helped me understand what it is that makes collaboration work, because he did it at The Centre for Creative Collaboration.

More so Brian is a brilliant consultant and helped me find a way to create a collaborative business. His background is in finance but he doesn't preach or tell. He explores with you. He's one of a kind.

Brian helped me understand the importance of what you put into a collaboration and what you want to take out. I always leave inspired after a session with Brian

Olivia Fuchs
I have only recently got to know Olivia. She has an amazing focus and intelligence that surpasses the intellect and moves into wisdom. She would probably hate me saying that as she has so much humility too. Olivia is a theatre director and so understands collaboration and how to embody your message on a stage as an individual but also as a collective.

Jacqui Shimidzu at the Hillstation
Jacqui and I have wee conversations every now and then. She inspired me to get involved in the community and made me feel so welcome in this area. She is a visionary and true collaborative leader. People would do anything for Jacqui. Why because she does so much for us. There isn't enough space to write all the amazing things Jacqui does to help the community and her friends.