What People Say

"All of the sessions were 100% beneficial"

"Excellent, practical, focussed, insightful, sensitive - and just the right pace"

"Certainly gave me more confidence and pointed out how to improve on my performance"


We set up BeSpokeSkills because we are passionate about getting people performing brilliantly.
In challenging times we help your talent achieve their full potential by improving their presenting, influencing, writing and relationships. We challenge, build and transform the way our clients do business.

Our clear and tailored strategies, tools and tips help identify weaknesses and strengths and create practical action plans to help you become a strong all-rounder. This impacts the business's bottom line with the result - a clear vision, influential and motivated speakers and improved client relationships.

Kate Faragher founder and CEO of bespoke skills has over 14 years experience coaching, consulting and training senior executives in national and international FTSE 100 companies as well as at the House of Commons.
Kate has trained with some of the top voice coaches in the country, is a fully qualified Executive and Business coach, NLP practitioner, Emotional Intelligence trainer, Myers Briggs Personality Profiling Coach and is constantly challenging herself on lots of other courses including stand up comedy!

Kate has put together a strong team of skilled coaches, trainers and consultants to help you create what your staff, managers and leaders need to identify their blind spots and take them to the next level.

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If you have a manager that is brilliant at their job but not at communicating their achievements?

Perhaps a staff member who has a blind spot that is holding them back?

Or a great sales person and client relationship builder who finds internal relationships a challenge?

With an ever demanding business we need to develop all-rounders capable of embracing change.

Coaching is a journey. It is a safe environment where you can explore alternative ways of doing things. A place to step outside your comfort zone.

The coaching relationship is very important so teaming you up with the best match is essential.

Our bespoke Coaching service offers 3 main packages:

Short – 3 sessions over 3 months
Medium – 6 sessions over 6 months
Long – 12 sessions over the year.

First session runs for 2 hours, follow on sessions 1 hour or to suit your needs.

We agree objectives up front with the person involved and link it in with the line managers' objectives. We do check ins with the line manager to check progress and delivery to KPIs.

As well as face to face meetings the coach offers email and telephone support in between sessions.

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If you have a group of people wanting to improve and practice an area of communication training can be a great way to do it.

The advantages is the group can discuss similar circumstances and how they've overcome them.

At bespoke we believe there is a combination of great tools and tips as well as great personal knowledge. We use group coaching in all our training sessions to help each delegate find their own personal action plan that is relevant for their job.

Courses we deliver are;
Presentation skills – Levels 1-3
Communication skills – Levels beginner and advanced
Emotional intelligence
Business Writing
Media training
Influencing skills
Myers Briggs and Personality types
Dealing with conflict
Coping and outperforming under pressure
Increasing confidence
Becoming a coaching manager
NLP in sales

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This is an area of development for bespoke skills. We are working on a range of online services to back up and support our delegates after their training and coaching.

Blended and online learning can never replace the face to face interaction. It can however get the delegates to do work before and during the sessions to maximize the impact of the sessions.

Communication development is all about changing habits. We know how difficult it can be to lose weight or increase our fitness or health. Only through consistent contact can this be effective.

Please speak to us directly to find out what we're doing to implement this exciting new programme.

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